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You might not see Gozo on a world map, but this sister island to Malta is not to be overlooked. It might be small in size, but it is big in heart, culture and its people.


With thousands of years of history in its past, Gozo is a quiet, sleepy island with plenty to offer. The summer months are peak season, and thousands of tourists flock to the island for relaxation, water sports, hiking trails, quad bike adventures, good food and lots of sunshine. With some of the best diving spots in the world, Gozo's clear waters provide hours of fun for all the family.


Only a 20-minute ferry trip from Malta, bypassing the even smaller island of Comino, Gozo has natural features that make it unique, including the Azure Window, the beach of Ramla l-Hamra with its red-hued sand, hidden coves, as well as prehistoric temples that date back even farther than the Egyptian pyramids, agricultural tours, a multitude of churches, renovated farmhouses and slow pace of life all make Gozo a gem in the Mediterranean.


The winters are mild and the summers are hot, rarely measuring below 10 Celsius and rising to 35 Celsius in mid summer. Gozitan people are known for their warmth, as well as talent in the kitchen. The Maltese archipelago produces fresh quality fruits and vegetables that make their way to households and restaurants all over the islands. The meat and seafood is also home grown, and all these make for quite the culinary delight.


Once you visit Gozo, you will know why this beautiful, still relatively untapped island has such a special place in many hearts.